Nutrigenetics, Biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability, and gaming to hack, track, and elevate your progress? Why use this for Trauma?
What is it? How does it work? Why incorporate this into therapy/coaching?

This allows me to see the epigenetic impact of your health and wellbeing using either tests you have taken, DNA LifeTM or Omnos.meTM  systems which can then help us go deeper with functional testing, using technology to provide us with a 'plan' to hack and manage your health and wellbeing.


I use HRV software to provide real-time, evidence-based feedback so that you can see where you are at right now in your biology and have a baseline with which to gamify, improve, and monitor your progress. You will be the captain of this ship. I will explain and show you how this measurement is an indicator of health and wellbeing and we will try some exercises and interventions to help you improve the scores you see. Based on Polyvagal Theory and Neuroscience we will begin to monitor your healing journey and achieve coherence and in turn, achieve an integrated and differentiated whole-body response to life. Thus assisting you in balanced, autonomic regulation and emotional control. 

We can also use emotional intelligence software to increase your knowledge and performance in this area. Did you know there are approximately 3000 known emotions? Most people don't either! And many of these are constructed in the moment and so we need to develop a way to explain this moment by moment experience to others. So let's get learning this new language and create a new narrative for you so you can communicate like a well-versed poet, rockstar supernova! It actually turns out those of us who can communicate well have great relationships as we can be understood allowing us the space to fully listen to others and be present with them.

MINDFULNESS...Why is this here in the technology section?
Mindfulness is quite a buzzword at the moment and one that often results in a 'turn off' or perhaps even a 'scoffing' towards it. It conjures up having to sit on a cushion, singing "ohm" and chanting when this is far from how I use tech and this approach. Though as always, we can do this if you would like.

This is a particular way to pay attention and we can do this without tech, however, I happen to use Virtual Reality to assist you in doing this. Research shows that taking "time in" and being reflexive can help you understand your inner sea of emotions, thoughts, and bodily feelings, and gain mastery of yourself.

I use gaming in therapy where necessary (or asked for) as I am a clinical researcher and gaming therapist. This helps us access and understand the psyche, development, and inter/intrapersonal world using digital platforms, play, exploration, and creativity. 

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Playing Videogames
Virtual Reality Goggles