Catherine has a wealth of knowledge about childhood trauma and abuse through her clinical practice with children and adults. Yet, something was missing from this integrative approach she had trained in. Even after attending many conferences, she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. No matter how much work happened in talk therapy, clients could not fully "talk, bodywork or supplement their way out of trauma." Catherine embarked on a flurry of courses, conferences, and trauma marathons to educate herself and improve her 'toolbox' of methods and interventions.

Catherine's story is available on her website www.catherineknibbs.co.uk

What you can expect from sessions with Cath

A one to one in-depth conversation over a number of sessions, that will ask you questions about you, your history, your family, your birth, your ancestors, your diet, your sleep, your approach to life, your goals and more, to give her a 360-degree "whole-istic' understanding of you.

This will help guide her in guiding you on your healing journey, which may involve reading, ordering or studying functional health tests and will certainly involve you carrying out real-life experiments of your growth and knowledge.

Cath is aiming to help you achieve your full potential, a purpose and passion that feeds you daily. Aiming to help you understand you, your body and how to get the most from yourself. After all, Cath is only the scaffolding you need to allow you to grow, heal and move forward.


Letting Flow into your life as a strategy for health and wellbeing, flourishing within and cultivating connections, compassion and creativity for positive relationships because everything is about relationships in the end.

Cath may also use technology to assist you in practices and interventions to help you understand what is happening on a moment to moment basis, such as heart rate variability (HRV) and Cath is also likely to suggest you integrate other practices, professionals and procedures in order to get where you need to be.




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